ACASITI Meeting on Sound Insulation Testing

ACASITI are currently in the process of arranging a group meeting to discuss test standards and their correct application. It is proposed that industry professionals will come together to discuss:

Current airborne test standards (ISO 16283 Part 1:2014) in full, chapter by chapter.
Current impact test standards ( ISO 16283 Part 2:2015) in full, chapter by chapter.
To review TGD-E 2014 in full, chapter by chapter.
To set out difficulties and complications on site and to discuss how qualified noise consultants have overcome them.
To assist in drafting observations and recommendations to the Department on elements that require clarification and how the guidance document can be improved.
The discussion is free to ACASITI members and €25 to non-ACASITI members.

Date: 25th August 2016

Starts: 11:00am (sharp) and finishes at 14:00hrs.

Venue: Dedsound, Unit A3 JFK Trading Centre, John F Kennedy Industrial Estate, John F Kennedy Rd, Dublin 12.

If you would like to attend this meeting, please email an associate of ACASITI.

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